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Challenge Accepted! SME To Rebrand America's Cup

August 28th, 2014

August 2014

SME, Inc.

New York City, NY


The America's Cup Event Authority has partnered with SME, Inc. New York to develop a new brand strategy, identity and architecture for the organization and 35th America's Cup. SME's challenge for this assignment is to develop a brand that represents in equal parts the history/heritage of this global sports icon while capturing the innovative aspect of an event viewed by many as 'The World Cup of Sailing'.


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The #TWENTY5 Countdown

August 13th, 2014

OK... we've got something major going on here at SME. It's kind of a big deal. Like, twenty-five years-in the-making BIG DEAL.


No, we don't have many leather-bound books, nor does our office smell of rich mahogany, but it definitely reeks of creative and strategic brilliance. Because, for the past twenty five years, we've been working and rocking some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment. And that's why, for the rest of 2014, we're gonna celebrate by sharing some of our most epic (and sometimes ridiculous) agency and client moments...


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The #TWENTY5 Countdown - Los Angeles Galaxy

August 12th, 2014

In 2007, the new face of soccer made its way onto American soil. David Beckham’s decision to join LA Galaxy was the single greatest moment in MLS history, changing the course of the brand forever. The Beckham Rule ushered in international players and an enormous platform for the rise of soccer in America, and it just so happens that WE were front and center for the whole thing. In tribute to teammate Landon Donovan’s official retirement, check out the team brand identity program we created to usher in the Beckham era. #TWENTY5


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